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Virtual Repetitions was founded by Shawn Cooper in 2015 while he was a student at the University of Michigan.

Working as a scout player for the university’s women’s basketball team, Shawn became frustrated by how difficult it was to learn new plays from the paper handouts he was given before each practice, and looked to use technology to build a platform that would enable players and coaches to better communicate and learn together.

To achieve this goal, Virtual Repetitions has assembled a team of people that has both the technical experience and the sports background to build the product that will truly enable players and coaches to prepare more effectively through technology.

Shawn Cooper

Founder & CEO

Matt Stewart-Ronnisch


Jason Heebl

Director of Virtual Playbook

Mike Greenman

Director of Basketball

Mark Jenkins

Assistant Director of NBA Operations

Joseph Constantakis

Software Engineer

Phil Grin

Software Engineer

Justin Morrow

Software Engineer

Simon Baumgardt-Wellander

Software Engineer

Nic Napoleone

Software Engineer

Maddie Micklas

Software Engineer

Eric Riedel

Product Manager

Kari Paine

Lead Designer

Frank Nam

Ultimate Advisor

Jeff Javorek

Basketball Advisor

“It is strikingly clear that VReps is poised to bring basketball into the 21st century.”

John Halas New York Knicks