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Creating a Team

March 19, 2019

Add a team to your coaching profile by purchasing a subscription to the team, allowing you to share plays with your players and other coaches. If you haven’t done so already, you can learn what a subscription has to offer and how to sign up from this page. Once your team information is set up, it’s time to start inviting players and coaches to the team. Under the My Teams tab, select the team you want to invite players to. You can edit any of your team’s information using the Edit button on the left, or delete the team altogether by clicking on the cog  icon and selecting Delete Team. The navigation bar at the top has tabs for viewing both Players and Coaches. If you click on Coaches, you’ll see your own account shown.

To add members, click on Invite Team Members. This will redirect you to a page to claim your team link. Select Create Invite Code to generate your link. Team members can use either the invite code at signup or click on the direct invite link to join. Invite codes expire after two weeks, at which point you will need to generate a new invite code if you wish to add more players. If you want to remove an old invite code before the expiration date, navigate to this page again and select Cancel Invite Code.

Alternatively, you can generate a new invite code to use before the expiration date, and this will effectively overwrite the old code, requiring all new team members to sign up using the fresh code. Use the invite system to get your team set up and registered with the app.


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