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March 19, 2019

Subscriptions allow coaches to take full advantage of the features offered by Virtual Repetitions and distribute plays, playlists, and enable mobile access to their players. To purchase a subscription, click on the Create Team tab. One subscription grants access to create one team. If you’re coaching three teams and want to fully utilize all features of VReps, you’ll need three subscriptions, one for each team. Key features in a standard subscription include:

  • Mobile app access for team coaches and players
  • Mobile app access for plays you create
  • Manage your play library
  • Player usage and performance insights for coaches
  • Live chat and email customer support

We offer both annual and monthly billing options. Subscription price and relative rate is listed on the subscription page. To purchase a subscription, first provide contextual information about your team such as competition level, name, and location[1], then enter payment information on the second page[2].

Subscription Management

Once your team is created, you can manage the subscription for that team from its Subscription tab. Switch between annual or monthly subscriptions, or cancel your subscription at any time while retaining your access for the purchased duration.

Cancelling a Subscription

Select the Cancel Subscription option to prevent automatic renewal of your subscription. You will retain access to all the features of VReps until your purchased subscription runs out. After cancelling, this will be replaced with a Renew Subscription option, allowing you to re-enable automatic renewal at any time before the current duration ends.

Manage Subscription

Select the Manage Subscription option to switch your billing type between annual and monthly rates at any time. Using the Change Payment Method option you can update any payment information should that be necessary.



If you have any further questions about the subscription service or its included features, feel free to contact us using the customer service messaging application in the bottom right, or email us at contact@vreps.us.


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“it is strikingly clear that VReps is poised to bring basketball into the 21st century.”

John Halas New York Knicks